Game 27: Bemerton Heath Harlequins 1.1 Verwood Town 1 (Wessex Premier)


Game 27: Bemerton Heath Harlequins 1.1 Verwood Town 1 (Wessex Premier) 01.02.14

With heavy rain overnight, this was the only fixture in the entire Wessex League to survive thanks to the drainage system installed by the club. The first half was an end to end encounter and both teams had good chances to score. There was only one goal on 26 minutes, when a Bemerton player swivelled and shot in the 6 yard box to beat the keeper at the near post.

The second half also saw plenty of chances but looked to be heading to a home win as we went into injury time. Bemerton’s time wasting tactics saw the referee add several minutes on. A Verwood player was brought down in the box by the keeper who received a yellow card and conceded a penalty. The kick was well struck and although the keeper dived the right way he couldn’t reach the ball to prevent the equaliser. There was still time for more late drama. Bemerton kicked off with some urgency and got the ball to the edge of the Verwood penalty area. A carefully struck chip beat the keeper but the ball rebounded off the crossbar and out.


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