Game 28: Salisbury City 0.0 Alfreton Town (Conference Premier)


Game 28: Salisbury City 0.0 Alfreton Town (Conference Premier) 08.02.14

With heavy rainfall during the week and overnight, this was the only game on locally so my choice was made for me by the weather. Alfreton had only drawn 1 league match before today and both teams had a -1 goal difference so I expected a close encounter. The first half was poor, the wind and a heavy rain shower not helping either team get to grips with play. Akinde had the best chance for Alfreton but in a one v one against Puddy his shot wasn’t taken well and Puddy deflected it wide.

The second half improved with the weather and the home team had the best of the chances. White set up a great chance but with an open goal gaping, the shot wasn’t hit high enough to beat a sliding goal line clearance. The ball span off the defender’s foot and just went wide. Frear had a great shot on target from distance but the Alfreton keeper pulled off a great diving save. Another Frear effort from close in went wide and with the final whistle came the end of my two goals minimum in a game for the season.


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