Game 30: Trowbridge Town 2.0 Ludgershall Sports (Wiltshire Premier)


Game 30: Trowbridge Town 2.0 Ludgershall Sports (Wiltshire Premier) 15.03.14

An entertaining game on a warm sunny afternoon that turned on a controversial decision during the first half. Trowbridge had made the best opportunities of the half and should have scored after 20 minutes when one of their players beat the keeper to the ball just outside the area. He managed to dribble it past the keeper and with an open goal ahead of him managed to sky his shot well over the crossbar. In the 34th minute one of the Trowbridge players went down on the halfway line and the game was stopped after the referee noticed one of his assistants flagging. I hadn’t seen the incident but it appeared that he had been caught by a late tackle after the ball had gone. After some discussion, the referee turned and showed a straight red to the Ludgershall player to the surprise of most. There was another discussion with the assistant but the card stood and the player left the field. We were later told that the assistant had flagged for a late tackle from behind and had suggested to the referee that a yellow card was appropriate but the referee had decided on a red card instead.

The extra man certainly counted in the second half as Ludgershall were forced to reshape the team and move players around. In the 50th minute a well struck freekick from distance beat the wall and the dive of the keeper, flying low into the bottom left corner of the goal. A minute later and it could have been two as a Trowbridge player ran through with only the keeper to beat but he could only muster up a weak tame shot that was straight at the keeper. Two minutes later saw a difficult chance almost executed, a high cross volleyed just over the bar. Six minutes after the first goal the pressure finally paid off as Trowbridge doubled their lead with a carefully placed shot that went over the keeper’s head and under the bar. Ludgershall worked hard and created had a couple of chances but didn’t really test the home keeper. A decent crowd of around 60 watched the game.


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