Game 3: Chessington & Hook United 1.0 Worthing United (FA Cup)


Game 3: Chessington & Hook United 1.0 Worthing United (FA Cup) 16.08.14

With South West Trains offering a bargain priced ticket anywhere on their network, I decided to head to the London suburbs and take in an Extra-Preliminary FA Cup game. Having worked in nearby Tolworth for several months in the past but never making it to Chessington, I decided to put that right and head to Chalky Lane, the home of Chessington & Hook United.

I arrived in good time and after a friendly welcome settled down in the stand to read the programme. I then wandered behind one goal where there was some cover from the sun. The flat terrace area had a lonely bar chair sat there and just before kick off it was occupied by a friendly chap who it later turned out was their chairman.

Both teams are playing in Step 6 leagues this season having been relegated the year before and had identical records in their league. It was no surprise then that the first half ended even but Worthing were unlucky, having hit the post early on and made the most of Chessington’s deep possession game to put pressure high up the field. Although Worthing made the better chances, it was a pleasure to watch Chessington’s passing play.

The start of the second half saw Worthing hit the post again with a good shot across the area and it seemed as if it would be their day. How wrong this prediction was as two minutes later Chessington broke forward and put a good cross in to the near post. Their striker had kept up with play and rose above the covering defender to head the ball down past the keeper and bounce up and in. They almost added a second just before the end, a young winger using his pace to beat the defence but he hesitated after taking the ball round the keeper and this allowed a defender time to get back and cover the goalmouth, clearing the shot for a corner. A really enjoyable cup tie at a very friendly club.


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