Game 10: Ascot United 3.0 Norwich United (FA Vase)


Game 10: Ascot United 3.0 Norwich United (FA Vase) 07.02.15

It was good to get out to an FA Vase game after a period of illness and we chose the fixture between Ascot United of the Hellenic League and Norwich United, top and unbeaten in the Eastern Counties Premier division. We arrived just ahead of the Norwich team bus and made our way to the busy clubhouse for some food.

While Norwich were the favourites for the tie, it was Ascot who started well when a deep cross found an unmarked player in the box who headed in after just 6 minutes. After seeing the ball cleared off the line midway though the half, a quick fire double saw them take a 3.0 halftime lead. The second goal was a turn and shot from a corner while the third, just a minute later, was created by a great pass to set up a breakaway goal.

Norwich put more pressure on Ascot in the second half but several attempts were cleared and they almost conceded a fourth late on. A surprise but deserved win for the home team in front of 286.


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