Game 12: Almondsbury UWE 0.1 Barnstaple Town (Western 1)


Game 12: Almondsbury UWE 0.1 Barnstaple Town (Western 1) 28.04.15

A rare out of town evening game almost saw us at the wrong ground. We took a left turn into what we thought was Almondsbury’s ground only to discover it was the Gloucester FA’s ground that was hosting a cup final between Shortwood and Cirencester. After a quick u-turn we took a left and a quick right to get to Almondsbury’s ground on the other side of the road.

The ground is in an unusual setting with the busy motorway behind one goal and two wind turbine generators, one of which was running during the match. I was glad to have a warm jacket on as there was a fierce wind across the pitch. Barnstaple had already won the league and it was good to see the Almondsbury team line up in a guard of honour to applaud their visitors onto the pitch.

Barnstaple won the game in the 40th minute when a cross to feet allowed their player to swivel in the area and hit a low shot past the Almondsbury keeper.


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