Game 7: Marlborough Town 3.0 Vale of Pewsey (Wiltshire League)


Game 7: Marlborough Town 3.0 Vale of Pewsey (Wiltshire League) 17.10.15

My first league game of the season was a trip up to Marlborough Town for their Wiltshire League game against Vale of Pewsey aka Pewsey Vale reserves. The ground was a typical step 7 location with a railed off pitch next to a clubhouse / changing room area and parking.

The first half saw three goals in the last third of the half, all for Marlborough Town. The first was scored when the Pewsey keeper made a decent save but could only deflect the ball out to a Marlborough player who had an easy task to pass the ball into the goal. The second came from another deflection, this time off the post and in via a player on the line. The third goal was also from a deflection – the ball was chipped over the keeper, rebounded back into play from the crossbar before a second effort found the back of the net.

Vale of Pewsey had a few chances from long throws but only had one clearcut chance in the second half, Marlborough’s keeper making a good save to protect the clean sheet. Marlborough were spreading the ball well and created a lot of chances, hitting the post (no helpful deflection) and several shots went wide. While there were no more goals it was an entertaining match for the neutral.