Game 14: Sway 0.4 Hayling Island (Hampshire Division 1)


Game 14: Sway 0.4 Hayling Island (Hampshire Division 1) 23.01.16

First game of the new year and a trip into the New Forest to watch a mid-table clash between Sway and Hayling Island. Hayling got off to a great start when the ball was bundled into the Sway net from a fourth minute corner. Sway then found themselves down to 10 men moments later when their captain was sent off for retaliation after a Hayling foul. Hayling added a cracking goal with a shot from 30 yards out flying over the keeper and in. They were lucky not to go down to 10 men as well as the referee was very lenient in not showing a second yellow to a player for a late tackle. He was soon substituted. Some Sway supporters were unhappy with Hayling’s linesman who was coaching from the sideline and didn’t appear to know the offside rule. Several Sway moves broke down because he put his flag up when no-one was offside.

The second half began in a similar vein to the first half with Hayling scoring three minutes after the restart. A low cross was missed by the player it was intended for but made it to the back post where another player slotted it in. The game was over as a contest five minutes later as Sway kept the ball out twice but couldn’t stop a third close range effort from going in. Sway managed to create some chances later on but a mix of poor finishing and being wrongfully flagged for offside stopped them from scoring.