Game 5: Piddletrenthide United 2.5 Milborne Port (Dorset Senior)


Game 5: Piddletrenthide United 2.5 Milborne Port (Dorset Senior) 05.11.16

Our original plan to head to an FA Cup tie between Dartford and Sutton had to be revised for an early kick off closer to home. Alan hadn’t seen a game in the Dorset Senior league and wasn’t sure what to expect. Piddletrenthide play in nearby Puddletown on an open rec pitch with a modern dressing room complex. There were a couple of people watching connected to the club and an occasional dog walker wandered over to see what was happening.

Milborn Port were promoted last season and were more organised, racing to a three goal lead after thirty minutes. The first goal was a well placed shot over the keeper, the second was a long range shot and the third was a tap in. Piddletrenthide pulled a goal back at the start of the second half, chipping the ball over the keeper. Milborn scored with a header but Piddletrenthide got another goal back when a cross from the right was slotted in low at the far post. The final Milborn goal came just before the end,a cross towards the back of the six yard box ended up going over the keeper and bouncing in to the goal off the post.