Game 11: Cribbs 2.0 Odd Down (Western Premier)


Game 11: Cribbs 2.0 Odd Down (Western Premier) 25.02.17

With two current Western Premier grounds left to visit, I originally planned to visit Chipping Sodbury Town but changed my mind after realising that this was the last Cribbs home game I could get to this season. The weather forecast wasn’t great although the rain had eased up by the time I had arrived at The Lawns. Paul had mentioned that the game should be fine as there was a very good surface here and that proved to be the case.

Both teams were in the top half of the table before kick off and played some good football despite the wet conditions. Odd Down started well but Cribbs started to dominate and took the lead just before halftime when a low shot skidded past the keeper’s dive and in. There was a young referee and unusually he went right across the pitch at one point to discuss a decision with the home manager who was upset as he felt his players weren’t getting enough protection.

During half time the rain got heavier and I was glad that there was decent cover in the stands. Midway through the half Cribbs extended their lead. A corner wasn’t cleared and a cross came over from the right side, beating everyone in the middle. A Cribbs player ran out of the area to collect the ball and put in a perfect cross for a sub to leap up and head in. Several Cribbs corners looked close to going in directly which put the Odd Down keeper under pressure. A few minutes after the second goal he struggled to clear the corner and the ball was bundled into the net only for the goal to be disallowed for a foul on the keeper. Odd Down were awarded a penalty in the last minute of the game for a push in the box. The ball was struck fairly centrally and the home keeper made a good save to preserve the clean sheet.