Game 2: Infinity 7.0 Hartley Wintney (Friendly)

Game 2: Infinity 7.0 Hartley Wintney (Friendly) 29.07.17

The original plan for the second part of today’s double header was a game at Winchester Castle but two sets of opponents dropped out and it looked like there would be no game after checking Twitter. This left a 2pm kick off at Infinity and a 3pm kick off at Fleetlands – given the weather I decided to head to Infinity and meet Alan. The drive across was mostly in the dry but it started to rain again as I arrived in Knowle and parked the car.

This was another match full of goals. Hartley Wintney were playing another friendly in a tournament at Basingstoke so it was difficult to gauge how strong their team was but it was no match for the hosts. Goals on 11 minutes (shot off post and in), 16 minutes (pass into box missed everyone and went under keeper), 29 minutes (breakaway with shot under keeper), 42 minutes (shot following corner) and 45 minutes (penalty) gave them a 5.0 half time lead. We almost saw another goal when the Hartley keeper missed a backpass but luckily for him the ball went wide.

As with the morning game, the goals dried up in the second half but the sixth goal again was the goal of the match – this time an outrageous shot after 57 minutes. The final goal came from an unmarked header after 66 minutes. An enjoyable start to the season despite the near constant rain.