Game 5: Ashford Town (Middlesex) 2.0 Corinthian-Casuals (FA Cup)

Game 5: Ashford Town (Middlesex) 2.0 Corinthian-Casuals (FA Cup) 02.09.17

Having missed Pagham’s FA Cup game against Sittingbourne due to an accident, I was keen to get to an FA Cup game with Alan today. Knowing that I like a new ground, he suggested a trip to Ashford Town (Middlesex)’s ground near to Heathrow Airport. On the drive up we heard from a frustrated Paul that his planned game at Falmouth Town had been called off at 1.30 as the visitors couldn’t get a team together.

We arrived at the ground to find that programmes weren’t available in traditional paper format but could be downloaded online. There were team sheets available for those who need some paper in their hand! It was a very warm afternoon and we watched the game from the near touchline where you could see planes departing from Heathrow.

The first half started evenly and both teams created a few chances. Ashford Town scored in the 24th minute, the move starting in their own half with a powerful header forward. Corinthian-Casuals appealed for a foul but the referee allowed play to go on. The ball ended up on the edge of the area and a great shot flew into the top right corner of the goal. Alan was happy – he had purchased a golden goal ticket for the 24th minute and got to take a bottle of wine home after the game.

A few minutes later and Ashford Town added a second. The ball was crossed in from the left touchline. The ball floated towards the far post so the keeper tried to push it away from the goal. He tipped it backwards but not out of play. An Ashford player was quick to cross it into the centre and a team mate placed his shot into the unguarded part of the goal. Corinthian-Casuals had two good chances to score before half time, the first one saw the ball fly across goal when a touch would have diverted it in while the second saw a free header placed high over the bar.

The second half saw Corinthian-Casuals dominate play but they weren’t able to score. They thought they had won a penalty in the 50th minute when a player went over the keeper’s diving arm in the area but the referee blew for offside. Ashford Town (Middlesex) were still dangerous on the break. They were awarded a penalty in the final minutes when one of their players was pushed over in the area as he tried to dribble past a defender. The ball was hit hard down the middle and though the keeper dived to his left, he was able to keep the ball out using his legs. One of the Corinthian-Casuals subs was booked and then warned by the referee in injury time after another foul. He ignored the advice and was sent off after earning a second yellow card for another foul.