Game 10: Cove 1.11 Worcester Park (Combined Counties Div 1)

Game 10: Cove 1.11 Worcester Park (Combined Counties Div 1) 11.11.17

At noon I was questioning whether to make the journey to Farnborough as it had been raining all morning. In the end I decided to get the train and hope the weather would improve. By the time I got to Farnborough station the rain had stopped and I walked round to the ground in the dry. There was no-one at the turnstiles when I arrived so I went into the clubhouse and picked up a free programme from the bar. It turned out that admission was collected during the game so after a quick drink I wandered out to the pitch.

The teams came out slightly late and following a one minute silence, the game kicked off at 3.05pm. Worcester Park were top of the league before the game and looked comfortable on the ball, dominating play and attacking quickly on the break. It took them 20 minutes to get the first goal, a shot past the keeper from inside the area from a tight angle. Six minutes later and they added a second from a quickly taken short corner. The ball was worked to the edge of the area and a low shot through a group of players eluded the keeper. Another six minutes and the visitors scored again from a breakaway. The Cove keeper parried the ball from a shot but only to a Worcester Park player who had an easy task to roll the ball into the net.

The second half didn’t kick off until 4.09 but it didn’t take long for the goals to start flowing again. Cove took the ball down the left and found a player in the centre in space. He was closed down by the defence but managed to get a shot away which deflected over the keeper’s head and in. Worcester Park soon took control again and the goals kept on coming. The scoring went as follows:

48 mins – 1.4 Shot in off post, Cove slightly aggrieved as it looked like their covering defender was impeded.
56 mins – 1.5 Unmarked player in centre of area picks a spot and shoots past the keeper
59 mins – 1.6 Ball crossed into the area, missed by everyone until player runs in at backpost to steer it in
75 mins – 1.7 Low shot from the edge of the area
83 mins – 1.8 Dribble into the area then player takes ball around keeper and scores

At this point I was hoping that I would see 9 goals for the first time in a men’s senior match. My hopes were answered when a Worcester Park player was brought down in the area and the referee awarded a penalty.

87 mins – 1.9 Penalty struck past keeper
88 mins – 1.10 Another dribble into the area, another goal

At this point the referee showed a second yellow and red to a Cove player who had been booked for dissent in the first half. It wasn’t clear what the card was for but there was still time for Worcester Park to have a goal disallowed for offside before adding a final goal to the scoreline in injury time.

90 mins – 1.11 Freekick just outside the area played into the centre of the box and a header beat the Cove keeper

So a record scoreline and 11 goals on the 11th day of the 11th month. I didn’t stick around after the game as I had to dash back to the station to make my train home. I felt sorry for the friendly people at Cove whose team deserved some credit for trying to take the game to Worcester Park even when they were losing heavily.